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Phiten Concept

Phiten Concept

Yoshihiro Hirata
Healthy Life Conditioning

Since we founded our company in 1983, our primary focus has been the body’s natural healing power. The body’s healing power is made possible by a natural state of balance, which can be upset by stress or fatigue from an ever-increasing variety of sources; many of which we remain largely unaware.
Through years of dedicated research, we have developed a number of unique wellness technologies and products that have gained the trust and confidence of our customers.

This trust is a cornerstone of our work, and we hope to continue creating new products with our technology to maintain and enhance the wellness of people worldwide.

In addition to delivering functional products for general well-being,
we also provide technology for sports and athletics.

World-class athletes around the world use Phiten products – a testament to their trust in and support of our technologies. Phiten products incorporate AQUA TITAN and AQUA GOLD to help achieve maximum performance. Such benefits are not limited to the athletic world, but are also available and effective for everyday use. All Phiten products – whether ankle, shoulder or knee supports, apparel, supplements, or simply drinking water, carry with them the power of producing a proper balance in the playing field or in everyday life.

For every type of hair in the world…
We offer products and technologies necessary for healthy
and beautiful hair.

“Health” is the key concept of our beauty business.

Our goal is to bring complete beauty to hair by supporting whole-body health. Phiten’s beauty brand, “YUKO,” comprises user-friendly and innovative beauty products and technologies. Today, over 20,000 salons in Japan use our products, and our own “YUKO SYSTEM SALON” is currently opening several overseas locations.

We are continuing to expand worldwide in an attempt to promote the value of “Health.” 

  Promising space for prime sleeping and relaxation

Adhering to “Health” throughout its history, Phiten has developed a great number of technologies supporting customers’ relaxation. With desire for healthy life of all people, Phiten further pursue the technology to create the space generating high quality “relaxation” and comfortable “sleeping”.

At “Phiten Room”, AQUA TITAN, Phiten’s unique material leading body for state of relaxation, is permeated into wall surface and ceiling for realizing the creation of the relaxation space for sound body and mind.
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