Phiten Tudung Inner Scarf


First in the world to have Phiten unique technology incorporated into the scarf andexcellent for relaxation of the head, neck and shoulder area.


Product Concept

This product is inspired from the many voices of our Malaysian customers who are sufferer of neck/shoulder stiffness and headache/ migraine due to their work and increasing daily stress. We researched and the team agrees that Tudung with Phiten benefits would help this group of customers!

After many months of preparation, we finally introduce the PHITEN TUDUNG INNER SCARF specially tailored for your needs and fulfilling Phiten Motto of “Everything we do, we do for your Health!”

Product Features:

  • Phiten Processed and with AquaTitanium strip along our vital head line to enhance relaxation effect of our head
  • Uses high quality lycra fabric, allowing for high ventilation and comfortable wear for whole day
  • Allow for flexibility of use with any scarf or Tudung to suit your daily fashion outfit
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