ID Strap


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Phiten ID strap is permeated with Phiten’s unique technology material “Aqua titanium”. As such, this ID strap has the ability to naturally relax our neck and shoulder muscles by stabilizing the bio electric current. Phiten ID strap has been good to help working executives to reduce their stiff neck, stiff shoulder,     migraine and headache which is an occupational hazard for most of us as a result of long hours on computer or meetings that we cannot avoid. Instead of using an ordinary ID tag, why not put on Phiten’s ID strap that is designed to be multi-functional and could reduce your ‘necking’ problem?

You can try simple demo to feel the IMMEDIATE effect! Drop by the nearest Phiten shop or call us for product demo in your office!



Outer shell of the strap: Nylon permeated with Aqua-Titanium®

Inner core of the strap: Elastomer with Micro-Titanium Balls


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