What we have been particular about since our founding was the
“natural healing power” that people and bodies originally had.

We realized that by maintaining the best balance between the mind and body that have gone mad due to the accumulation of stress and fatigue, the natural healing power of modern people will be fully exerted.

We have earned a lot of support today by devoting our passion for R & D and providing our own technologies and products.

All Phiten products incorporate a novel form of technology that involves metals broken down into microscopic particles dispersed in water. This process underlines the technologies of a variety of unique materials we possess. By utilizing the property of each material to a maximum extent, we are able to realize customers’ potentials in a variety of extents that leads to restore the normal relaxation status of customers. This is the technology that supports a more comfortable daily life.

Phiten has developed its unique “ONE and ONLY” technology, the “Aqua Metal Technology”, through years of dedicated research. It can be processed into a wide variety of materials like AQUA TITAN and AQUA GOLD etc to give rise to products like necklaces, bracelets, tapes, supporters, and more. All Phiten products work to improve, prevent, and enhance. Experience the benefits and learn how these products can assist you to reach and maintain optimum health and performance.

Everything we do, we do for your health.

For the details of scientific research of Aqua Metal, please visit the website of “Society of Aquametal Research”.
“Society of Aquametal Research” is an organization studying water-soluble metal technology.